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Our donation to World Vision will continue to help children like these all around the world:

Mariama, Niger (6 years old)
Dana Palade/World Vision
Mariama suffered from trachoma (the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness) due to the dirty water in her village of Zakara Hanou, in Niger. Her mother says that “she got a painful infection in her eyes, and she was crying and hurting all the time.” Because of World Vision, a water pump was built in her community and Miriama received the right medical treatment that saved her eyesight.

Jean, Mali (5 years old)
Justin Douglass/World Vision
Jean used to get diarrhea and stomach aches from drinking unsafe water. World Vision was able to use donated funds to build a mechanized water system in his town and now he doesn’t have to worry about dirty water anymore.
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